Welcome to Hollywood, Now What?
If you think “A Dream is a wish your heart makes…” then you will be highly disappointed this isn’t Disneyland. It’s Hollywood! HOLLYWOOD is for the few, the proud, and the brave… If you have a dream, the only way to get it is to be willing to go through it.

Rejection is what most people pursuing a Hollywood Life Style eat for lunch on the daily. If you have been told “no” or “it is impossible”, “you need to quit”, “Hollywood is not real” or even “dreams are for dreamers”, then now is the time to contact me. 

Many Are Called But Few are Chosen:
You must be willing to travel through the muck of Hollywood and eat from the floors of the famous in order to get to the golden tower you call “dream”.  I tell you that “Quick Fixes” don’t exist. True roads are paved by Will Power and we all have power along with courage.  Although courage is free, I am not.  I have paid my dues and am clear when it comes to self-worth. I empower people to understand that there is a way to survive.  Patience can only be developed by way of perseverance and faith.  In my service, I will guide you away from learned helplessness.

What I Offer:

Group Sessions of 6 or more starting at $450/person
Individual Sessions starting at $600/person

Program Accommodations:

Personal Website Guidance
Crash course on networking through social media 
Ground zero survival tactics
Personal growth therapy
Hollywood Resume/Cover Letter