Cheryl Rich

Cheryl Rich, Overseer for Helping People Grow Entertainment, with 20+ years of knowledge navigating the internal workings the entertainment industry, 25 years of “street ministry”, unequivocally knows that there are only two ways to make money in this world. You either provide a Service, or sell something. I provide a Service for you. 

Every human is born with a Gift. Working as a Team, you and I will discover your Gift. How? By finding out what You do absolutely…Effortlessly. I specialize in burgeoning talent. What does this entail? Creating opportunity and development. One of the best ways for a new Industry-Comer is to work on self-development and gain access into the world of on-set experience through background work.

The Life experience combined with my entertainment industry experience will not be able to be found in a book until I write IT. You will grow to understand that Real talent, lasting talent, requires hard work, dedication, cultivation, vision, and personalized attention. Creating an environment designed to foster long-term relationships, creates commitment to bringing the best opportunities available.

There is no clear roadmap into the entertainment industry…“The Business.” Relationships, and negotiating skills run this Business. From years of sleepless nights, days, and networking, I am able to assist you in developing your plan-of-action that will give you reason to reach out to motion picture studios, producers, entertainment executives, casting directors, the “above the line” and” below the line,” within The Business. 

TV and film are my concentration. I do not overload my roster with clients. And yet, people whose life experiences led them into self-destructive consequences, will not be shadowed-out. If you are determine to put in the “work.” You deserve to have your efforts rewarded.  Because with determination as your partner, you can Believe, that, Dreams Do Come True!! #Believe

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“The House.”