Cheryl’s Bio

Cheryl Rich is a life survivor, clinical psychologist, author and most recently an executive producer and host on the talk show series “The House” on Fox Soul. 

Having made some of life’s most self-destructive choices caused by childhood trauma, Cheryl overcame numerous mind-shattering tragedies including being pregnant at 11 years old, rising from drug addiction, incarceration and losing her only child. Cheryl’s illuminating life experiences shaped her path and led to many years of self-exploration that allowed her to complete a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University. She is a certified Intervention Specialist, Licensed Victims Assistant Mediator, and Mental Health Advocate. 

Today, Cheryl relentlessly guides others from mental imprisonment to liberation, leading many people from self-hatred to self-love. Her memoir NAKED INSANITY is set to be published this year.

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