Self-Acceptance: A Journey, Not A Destination

My Journey

The more pain I allowed people to inflict upon me the more addicted I became to the abuse. After years and years of suffering and soul-searching, finally, I admitted that I was “addicted to being abused.” At that moment the hurt in my heart and mind started Healing!!

Many of us know that nothing happens by chance, which means the moment you were born you were destined to find me.  Now that you have made up your mind…or are attempting to make up your mind to pursue your Dreams take a moment and ask yourself, “Self, am I wanting to gain the whole world so badly that I’m willing to lose my whole Soul?” 

Knowing the achievements that actor Tom Hanks has accomplished, applying his following advice will supply you with one of the most needed characteristics’ to pursue Hollywood, “Courage:”  As Hanks told Oprah Winfrey in 2001: “Several things always separated me from a herd of other actors. Whenever I auditioned for a part, I’d think, ‘I’m probably better than 50 percent of the actors here, because half of these people are self-conscious in ways I’m not.’ I would do anything — I didn’t care. But many would not make fun of themselves the way I’m willing to.” Apply Tom’s words but don’t lose your soul.

You have only found this website because you are Worthy of Birthing Your Dreams. The reason I know that you are worthy is because you have found me, and I am here to help you. ONLY IF you want to be helped.

How I Can Help You

I am here to strengthen your belief that there is nothing wrong with believing that you can achieve your Dreams. I am also here to enforce the fact that feeling as if you are losing your mind in pursuit of your Dreams is not healthy for your mind, body and spirit….For “Dis-Ease inside of your mind will certainly cause ‘Disease’ inside of your body.”  Now, stop for a second…after you read the next sentence close your eyes and let this be the first day of your daily practice: 

Breathe…Long…Slow and Deep.

Modern researchers have conducted studies on the effects that acceptance and gratitude have on the Psyche. Acceptance and Gratitude are one of the greatest contributing factors to finding your path past happiness and into Joy! A good meal can produce happiness, but for many of us, before long the happiness that we felt from the delicious tasting meal is gone. “Happiness is fleeting Joy is internal.” 

Gratitude brings a fullness and wholeness to life. Without it, we often focus on what’s missing and lacking, therefore feeling empty and not good enough.

When we were little we were taught that IT was called a “TV.” We watched it but we could never get inside of it. For many of us that TV impacted our subconscious. We developed a thirsty and the sequential quest to quench our thirst to appear on that TV captivated us. 

“They” come from both poverty and privilege to work with Cheryl Rich. 


  • How to overcome the initial shock of navigating to your Hollywood Dreams
  • How to Own Your Power
  • How to access Gratitude while gliding over the obstacles
  • The basic steps in order to survive as you Dream
  • How to gain significant creative traction
  • How to eclipse all the rest who may stand in your way
  • The Art of Visual Execution
  • Vocal Dexterity

From safe space you shall learn how “Self –Acceptance” teaches you how to Own your Power…which will lead you to your Birthright—-Your Peace-of-Mind, as you learn the power inside of patience with “Self,” and stroll along the Path which will turn your Dreams into Your Reality!!”