1. Street Therapy: How to...
    How to keep your car running when you don't have money.
  2. In the Community: Saving Babies
    In an effort to keep the babies out of DCFS, Cheryl combs the streets of LA in search of a child's mother.
  3. How to Stay Out of Traffic Court
    Cheryl gives a crash course in traffic issues
  4. Teach Them to Fish
    Cheryl's views on teaching the community to "fish for themselves"
  5. Giving Youngsters Props
    Cheryl acknowledges the young grinder for his positive choices.
  6. Making a Difference
    Strengthening families with a specific focus on young parents
Cheryl Rich reaches the community, helping others help themselves in a "catch a fish" methodology.  The Grinders are about young men staying out of the streets, refusing to be victims. Cheryl coaches, pushes, and  encourages these young men to rise up.  Watch these videos to fully understand the impact Cheryl has on the community. 
  1. Grinders Flip their Ride
    The grinders were able to trade in their car for an upgrade.
  2. Grinders Lose Faith
    Cheryl gives a little encouragement to the Grinders
  3. Meet them Where They Are
  4. Ghetto Grinder Injustice
    A Grinders story about his unfortunate interaction with police.